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"There are signs in the public areas of the castle, where you should have stayed." He replied. "Why are you wandering here by yourself?"

He raised one shoulder in a half-shrug. “Appeasing a natural sense of curiosity, I suppose.”

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"Please just wake me whenever you get up", the rebel answered, examining the room. It was small, but perfectly fine for a bedroom. He did not need much space anyway, and a soft, warm bed was more than he could have asked for.

Isa had expected such a reply. Despite having saved Isa’s life mere hours ago, Firion was humble and unwilling to impose on his host. When the time came, however, Isa allowed him more rest than his initial request would’ve granted. Isa was naturally an early riser, as he suspected Firion was as well, but he did not wake the man for some time after rising. He needed the sleep; Firion’s journey must have tired him and his wound was still fresh.

When his list of menial chores and errands had been exhausted, Isa climbed the stairs to the upper floor and knocked twice loudly on the guest room’s door.


Akusaimonth: Berserk Mode
Day 2: Expressions

It’s not as though I’d really need a heart. All I want is to see your smile one more time.

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The dragon in human form eyed the two individuals. Why were these two in the personal section of the castle? “I believe the two of you are not permitted to be in this area.” As the King’s adviser he would know.

Isa arched a delicate brow and spared a quick glance to his surroundings. “Well, it isn’t particularly obvious that this is a restricted area. Perhaps you should invest in a few signs.”

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I accidentally drew a little bit older Isa while trying not to fall asleep. the sweater and blue colour ~♥

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Happy Birthday Dakota
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yeah man yeah

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