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"Thank you for the word of confidence", he smiled, eyes closing for a brief moment. It was enough for him to notice just how relaxing it felt though, to not pay attention to what he saw, and simply revel in the calming darkness. Maybe a bit of rest was in order…

"I suppose you are right. Forgive me for asking so much of you, but might you have a place for me to sleep for a few hours?"

Isa glanced over to the small clock on the mantelpiece; it would be dark soon, certainly a more dangerous time for Firion to leave. It made sense for him to stay. He’d certainly proved his trustworthiness in the brief time Isa had known him, and it was more than obvious that he was in need of rest.

We have a guest room on the upper floor. It has an en suite, if you need it. He stood, gesturing for Firion to do the same. I’ll show you to it.


Firion chuckled. “There is a lot of theory in battle too. I am sure you will do just fine once we find a suitable weapon for you.”

And I’m sure you’ll be a fine teacher. He gaze sweeps over the other’s form; he’s definitely recovered from the previous attack, but the bags beneath his eyes and slight pallor betray him. Obviously we should wait until you’re fully healed, though. It wouldn’t do well to aggravate your wounds.

I feel that living off cereal and ice cream over summer is a reasonable plan.

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Source: 哺乳類いるか

Isa: Are you alright?
Lea: Isa—! Is Kairi okay—?
Isa: …Yeah.

I actually like the idea of Isa/young!Kairi/Lea platonic interactions if you get something cute like this. xD young!Kairi developing a crush on Isa is a plus.

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akusai month, day 9, berserk mode: flustered/pastel

in which lea forgets it’s awkward to smooch after a bazillion years of angst. isa doesn’t really mind, but. you know how it is



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"Exactly." He looked at the boy with kind eyes and nodded. "You need not be so hesitant. I am not strict and I will not teach you anything you are not comfortable with."

This brought a slight smile to Isa’s lips. He raised a should in a half-shrug and replied, “I know. It’s just that I tend to excel in theoretical situations rather than… practical ones”



      { Talking was still difficult for Ienzo; the only ones he had
        actual conversations with were Ansem, Aeleus and Even
        and even those were usually short and to the point. That
        he was understood was the most important thing and it
        seemed Isa could at least guess what he was getting at.
        This made Ienzo smile — a tentative smile full of childish
        mischief — as he pointed at a stack of boxes they could
        hide behind. }


[ It wasn’t as if Isa never found himself drawn into other’s plans that would often end up with him in trouble—being friends with Lea had made sure of that—it was just that he wished his resolve was stronger. He’d been in enough sticky situations with the castle’s guards lately; he didn’t exactly need to provoke them or tarnish his name any further. However, he found himself eyeing the boxes warily, and then looking back to Ienzo. ]

That’s a bit of an obvious spot, isn’t it?

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«Two Sides of the Same Coin»


As the days went on, Aqua found herself growing more attached to the world that was Radiant Garden. In her travels, she often made a pit stop here, as the atmosphere on this particular world soothed her instantly. It was her her home away from home (as her original one no longer existed). Although it wasn’t as beautiful and populated as it was years ago, to see life thriving in it despite the hardships the world had to endure was something that kept Aqua’s hope alive. 


It was in the gardens where the wielder felt completely at ease. Although half of it was reduced to rubble, its effect was still very much potent. The roads had long faded by the wear and tear of others’ feets, telling a story all on their own. A foolish wish, but Aqua sought to meet the people whose prints these belonged to. 

Isa remember the Garden in its former glory; you could hardly turn a corner without blossoms and blooming buds flooding your vision. It had suffered, but survived, much like many of its residents. It no longer had the same impressive, grandiose air it once held, but there was a certain feeling that could never be taken away; a feeling of home and comfort. He knew many others shared his feelings. The citizens remained and thrived, even though life would be easier in many other worlds.

Their world had previously been very isolated, but after a while visitors started appearing, and then a the barrier had been broken and barely a day passed without spotting an unfamiliar face.The people were warier now, although still with welcoming smiles. Isa watched them from his position, sat atop a low wall, and thought that he could hardly blame them. Their optimism, much like the rest of the world, had taken a bit of a beating.

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Firion answered Isa’s obvious discomfort with a gentle smile. “Do not worry. Not everybody is fit to be a warrior. If you wish tough, I could teach you a few skills, just in case should these heartless befall you.”

Isa considered Firion’s offer, biting lightly at his lower lip as he thought. He gave a slow nod and met the other’s gaze somewhat hesitantly. “I suppose that would be beneficial. I mean, it’s not like they’re swarming everywhere but I can hardly avoid them forever, right?”