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Akusaimonth: Berserk Mode
Day 2: Expressions

It’s not as though I’d really need a heart. All I want is to see your smile one more time.

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The dragon in human form eyed the two individuals. Why were these two in the personal section of the castle? “I believe the two of you are not permitted to be in this area.” As the King’s adviser he would know.

Isa arched a delicate brow and spared a quick glance to his surroundings. “Well, it isn’t particularly obvious that this is a restricted area. Perhaps you should invest in a few signs.”

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I accidentally drew a little bit older Isa while trying not to fall asleep. the sweater and blue colour ~♥

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Happy Birthday Dakota
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yeah man yeah

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"You have my deepest gratitude." Firion bowed as he stood, then followed Isa back into the hallway and up the stairs. The house’s upper floor was just as neat as the ground floor. Everything seemed to have its place, everything was clean… The rebel could not help but feel out of place, when all he was used to was a small hut in the woods, where dust and earth were constant companions to him.

"If there is anything else I can do to repay you, please do not hesitate to tell me. I have little to offer but my services, but I will try my best."

It—it’s fine. I owe you for earlier, anyway, Isa replied, after a moment of staring somewhat dumbly. Firion was quite unlike anyone he knew in Radiant Garden; his mannerisms were respectful and chivalrous, though Isa knew he could hold his own should anyone ever cross him.

He led the way silently up the staircase and turned to open the door to his left. The bedroom was the smallest in the house, modest but functional. It contained only a bed, dresser, and mirror, with a door leading to an equally small bathroom. He stepped aside so Firion could pass and nodded at his words. He wanted to tell him that repayment was unnecessary, but that conversation could wait until after Firion had rested. Do you wish to be woken at any specific time?


why have painful stabby akusai when you can have…cat…kusai… aku.. cat… sai……………………fuc k

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